If you are want well-balanced and healthy recipes to be cooked at home in your own kitchen, hiring a personal chef is good idea. However, if you want someone to cook nutritional recipes for a person or persons with special dietary needs at home, you must opt for a personal health chef.

For example, if your family member is a heart patient, your personal health chef will understand the needs and discuss the food menus with you. The chef will prepare the meals as per the nature of the medical condition. The personal health chef will also know about general food allergies and intolerances which is important in case someone in your family suffers from them.

Not just anyone can be called a personal health chef. For this reason, you will be required to cross check the qualifications of the chef. They can have an undergraduate degree in dietetics or be trained chefs who have specialized in cooking healthy dishes. You need to look for some education in nutritional sciences along with a certificate or diploma course in cooking.

Apart from understanding the nutritional needs of your family, there are the following duties of a personal health chef or any personal chef for that matter:

  • Going grocery shopping for the ingredients to prepare the meal along with purchasing kitchen tools.
  • Taking a close look at the ingredients to be used for a meal and making sure that it is of high quality before purchasing it.
  • Following health and safety regulations while preparing meals in the kitchen.
  • Doing a thorough kitchen clean up before and after preparing the meal.
  • Packaging, labeling and storing food right.

Hiring the chef from American Private Chef Services will be the right thing to do because all the chefs from here are capable enough of doing all of the above and possess the required knowledge.


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