Do you have a big event coming up and you want to offer your guests with the best food? Don’t worry because, we, at American Private Chef Services have your back! You can easily find personal chefs or personal cooks for hire when you approach us.

Even if you are looking for personal cooks for hire or a chef for your daily meals, you can get the best one from us. An expert chef with a wide knowledge of culinary skills and nutrition will be there at your door step. It is up to you to choose the frequency of the chef’s services. Your food for the whole week can be prepared in one go and stored properly with the right labeling in your fridge or freezer. On the other hand, if you want fresh meals to be cooked daily, you can specify that too. The charges will naturally differ and you can choose the service based on your budget.

We have chefs or personal cooks for hire who are good at making the dishes they cook quite presentable and in case you have a get-together or a small party planned, everything will taken care of by the chef and our team. It can be a buffet or a formal sit down dinner. Every detail will be looked into and your instructions will be followed to the tee.

American Private Chef Services headed by Chef Philip who is a veteran in the world of cooking. He knows all about different spices and herbs and the right way to combine them with ingredients. The abundant knowledge he possesses has been passed on to the chefs who are under him. You cannot get better personal cooks for hire than the ones offered by American Private Chef Services in all of Texas and we will be happy to help.

American Private Chef Services