What are the Benefits of Hiring Personal Chef Services?

Taking care of kids and juggling household work with a full-time job is no easy feat. Even if you meal prep for the whole week, it is going to be tough to handle all of it single-handedly. In addition to that, getting stuck in traffic will drain out the remaining energy you have. The only option that you have would be dining out and this routine will repeat day in and day out.

There is a way out for working professionals like you and that is personal chef services. If you think that it isn’t a good idea, here are the benefits of having a personal chef.

1) Things get very convenient

Meal planning will turn into a piece of cake when you hire a personal chef. The chef would suggest the menu for all the meals for the day and keep it healthy at the same time. The chef will cook for you and even clean up the kitchen after the meal preparation. This is one reason why hiring a personal chef is a good idea.

2) You can save both time and money

With a personal chef you can enjoy fresh home-cooked meals without spending hours in kitchen. Even the grocery shopping for the meals will be taken care of by the chef. This means that meal planning, shopping for ingredients, cooking and cleaning up will be off your list. It will save a lot of time. Coming to the expenses, a personal chef would be cheaper when compared to dining out, travelling cost and baby-sitting cost put together. You can save a lot of money by investing in a personal chef.

3) Your preferences are kept in mind

You can plan a customized menu for your family based on everyone’s dietary needs and preferences. The chef would have every member’s likes and dislikes in mind. You can tell the chef about your needs before-hand especially if you have a health problem and are supposed to have a specific kind of food. It all boils down to the fact that with a personal chef you can enjoy customized meals.

4) You can host dinner parties easily

The idea of a party at home can be scary as you would end up in the kitchen and later have mounds of dishes to clean. You can hire a personal chef part-time for house parties alone. You will not have to worry about what is happening in the kitchen and can enjoy with your friends and family. With a personal chef, you can throw a dinner party in style.

5) You can stay healthy and lose weight

Losing weight is not easy especially when you dine out every now and then. You need to keep a track of what you eat and that requires immense self-control. Having a personal chef will make all of it easier for you as they know what kind of diet would help you lose pounds in a healthy manner. You will be served diets like paleo, gluten-free, or vegan based on the approach you choose for weight loss.

The health of your family will be in safe hands and under your supervision. The ambience of the house will be more relaxed as a huge chunk of the work will be off your back and you can concentrate on improving your overall health.

If you are convinced to hire a chef, you should know that American Private Chef Services is one of the best Personal chef services in Texas.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions in connection with American Private Chef Services,

1. What kind of food do they specialize in?

At American Private Chef Services, you get to enjoy American, Mexican, Italian, Spanish and Puerto Rican cuisine along with vegan and gluten-free food. The other specialties of their chefs are barbeque and smoked foods.

2. How long have they been cooking?

Their chefs have years of experience in cooking and are well-groomed in every aspect. They can prepare a really wholesome meal for you whilst keeping your needs and preferences in mind. Their training is so comprehensive that they know how to handle every situation. Their food speaks volumes of the experience they possess.

3. Where will they be preparing your menu?

The chef would prepare the meals in your kitchen and follow it by a complete kitchen cleanup so that you don’t have to worry about anything later. The food prepared will then be stored in your fridge so that when you come back from work, you will only have to heat it and eat it. The fact that it is all made hygienically in your own kitchen is definitely a huge relief.

4. Are they willing to customize the food?

Yes, the chef will prepare the meals as per the likes and dislikes of all the members of the family. It will also be ensured that the special dietary needs of those who have a medical condition are taken care of. The chefs at American Private Chef Services are capable enough of handling all kinds of diets and you can hire them without any second thoughts.

5. What other services do they provide?

Apart from personal chef services in Texas, American Private Chef Services offer catering services for indoor and outdoor events. The best part is that everything is made fresh from scratch and not from tins and cans. The chefs get all the necessary ingredients they need for the food for the event.

The Bottom Line

personal chef services is the best decision that you would ever make as someone who has hectic work schedules and a family to look after. It is an investment in your good health and peace of mind and with a good balance of both you can expect a great life.

Those of you looking for personal chef services in Texas should approach American Private Chef Services. You can relish cuisines from different parts of the globe. Their chefs are really good at handling the responsibilities of grocery shopping, preparing meals, and cleaning up the kitchen afterward.

Hiring Personal Chef Services
If you are convinced to hire a chef, you should know that American Private Chef Services is one of the best Personal chef services in Texas.

Our Personal Chef Services Worth it?

What always seemed like a service reserved for the elite is now easy to access. You must have heard of celebrities having personal chefs but you can also do so now! Right now there is an immense demand for personal chef services and this trend is only going to increase in the years to come. The main reason for this is that it has become quite affordable. Now you can hire a gourmet chef without breaking the bank.

Those who want to enjoy meals made at home without the hassle of cooking and cleaning up would find personal chefs to be the saviors. It is worth seeking personal chef services as you won’t have to run around searching for ingredients and products that are needed to prepare the meal. The chef will handle those needs along with planning the menu. The menu would be customized as per your preferences and need. The likes and dislikes of every family member would be kept in mind by the chef no matter what they are.

Chefs do understand dietary requirements and are capable of putting in their own magic in dishes of different cuisines.

Though hiring personal chef services is a very practical idea for busy professionals, you can even go in for a one-time hire. This would be ideal when you want personal chef services for a single event like a corporate event or a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, baby shower, anniversary or any other celebration.

Excite your taste buds and the ones of your guests by hiring personal chef services. If you choose American Private Chef Services, you will get world-class chefs who can win everyone’s heart with their skill and talent. There is no dearth of talented chefs at American Private Chef Services and you will definitely be able to find one based on your needs and wants.

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Get a Certified Personal Chef at American Private Chef Services

Looking for a personal chef? It has never been so easy! You can find one online and choose the candidate that matches your preferences. There are many private chef services out there where you can get a certified personal chef but at American Private Chef Services, things are much better.

We offer a free consultation at a time that suits you because we know that you have your own commitments and you wouldn’t want to waste time. If you like our certified personal chef, you can go ahead and hire the candidate. The charges for the same are quite reasonable. In fact, you can choose to pay an all-inclusive price or one that has been broken down.

The certified personal chef will know everything about nutrition and diets so that enough care is taken about allergies and intolerances while preparing meals. You just have to brief the chef once in the beginning and then you can sit back and relax. For example, if you want only organic food, the chef will buy only organic ingredients for you while shopping for grocery.

The chef will come up with restaurant quality dishes without the extra fat and sugar! It will be according to what you had instructed the chef initially. Our chefs are experts in American, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Puerto Rica cuisines. You can add barbeque and seafood to the list as well. In case you alone are following a vegan diet or raw food diet in your family, there will be a separate dish made for you.

At the end of the day, it is just a matter of saving a bit and spending it in the right direction. What money you spend at fancy restaurants can be spent on hiring a certified personal chef from American Private Chef Services. We would be happy to help you out.

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What does a Personal Health Chef do?

If you want well-balanced and healthy recipes to be cooked at home in your own kitchen, hiring a personal chef is good idea. However, if you want someone to cook nutritional recipes for a person or persons with special dietary needs at home, you must opt for a personal health chef.

For example, if your family member is a heart patient, your personal health chef will understand the needs and discuss the food menus with you. The chef will prepare the meals as per the nature of the medical condition. The personal health chef will also know about general food allergies and intolerances which is important in case someone in your family suffers from them.

Not just anyone can be called a personal health chef. For this reason, you will be required to cross check the qualifications of the chef. They can have an undergraduate degree in dietetics or be trained chefs who have specialized in cooking healthy dishes. You need to look for some education in nutritional sciences along with a certificate or diploma course in cooking.

Apart from understanding the nutritional needs of your family, there are the following duties of a personal health chef or any personal chef for that matter:

  • Going grocery shopping for the ingredients to prepare the meal along with purchasing kitchen tools.
  • Taking a close look at the ingredients to be used for a meal and making sure that it is of high quality before purchasing it.
  • Following health and safety regulations while preparing meals in the kitchen.
  • Doing a thorough kitchen clean up before and after preparing the meal.
  • Packaging, labeling and storing food right.

Hiring the chef from American Private Chef Services will be the right thing to do because all the chefs from here are capable enough of doing all of the above and possess the required knowledge.

Personal health chef

Enjoy Chef-Prepared Meals in Your Home

All of us love a warm home-cooked meal but due to the hectic lives we live these days, it seems as though the work-life balance has gone off track. To go back to enjoying the simple yet fulfilling meals, you simply have to look around for a good personal chef. You just have to spend a little extra every month to enjoy chef-prepared meals in your home.

American Private Chef Services can make the dream of devouring chef-prepared meals in your home a reality. The services are available for those who are residing in Texas. You will get a really knowledgeable personal chef who knows about nutritional needs. Plus, the chef will be well-versed in handling different dietary requirements.

Paleo, keto, vegan, or gluten-free, no matter what kind of a diet you follow, you will get what you need – a warm and flavorful meal that has been made in your own kitchen. The ingredient shopping will not be your headache anymore. All you gluten-free, organic, vegan, or dairy-free stuff will be purchased by the chef. In a way, this is a blessing because the chef will get only what is required for the meal and not what is on sale from the supermarket. The meals will be prepared in your own kitchen and you can simply be chilled out all the while. Even the cleaning up will be done in a totally professional manner which is definitely something that you can look forward to. What you get are chef-prepared meals in your home that can bring a lot of happiness to you! After all, we all slog the whole day in our 9-5 job to put food on the table and if that is not the way you want it to be, there is no absolutely any point in the struggle!

Chef prepared meals in your home

Personal Cooks for hire at American Private Chef Services

Do you have a big event coming up and you want to offer your guests the best food? Don’t worry because, we, at American Private Chef Services, have your back! You can easily find personal chefs or personal cooks for hire when you approach us.

Even if you are looking for personal cooks for hire or a chef for your daily meals, you can get the best one from us. An expert chef with a wide knowledge of culinary skills and nutrition will be there at your doorstep. It is up to you to choose the frequency of the chef’s services. Your food for the whole week can be prepared in one go and stored properly with the right labeling in your fridge or freezer. On the other hand, if you want fresh meals to be cooked daily, you can specify that too. The charges will naturally differ and you can choose the service based on your budget.

We have chefs or personal cooks for hire who are good at making the dishes they cook quite presentable and in case you have a get-together or a small party planned, everything will take care of by the chef and our team. It can be a buffet or a formal sit down dinner. Every detail will be looked into and your instructions will be followed to the tee. American Private Chef Services headed by Chef Philip who is a veteran in the world of cooking. He knows all about different spices and herbs and the right way to combine them with ingredients. The abundant knowledge he possesses has been passed on to the chefs who are under him. You cannot get better personal cooks for hire than the ones offered by American Private Chef Services in all of Texas and we will be happy to help.

Personal cooks for hire

Hire a Personal Cook or Chef from American Private Chef Services

American Private Chef Services offer services all over Texas from Brenham to Beaumont and Ennis to Galveston. You can hire a personal cook or chef from here without any second thoughts. The firm is headed by Chef Philip and he has himself taken the initiative of training all the chefs under him really well. Apart from immensely sharp culinary skills, the chefs have the poise and dignity that they are supposed to have. This is most important for chefs who are hired for big formal events where they have to instruct the staff under them to serve the guests as per the demand of the theme.

Coming back to the cooking part, the personal cook or chef from American Private Chef Services have the experience of cooking various cuisines along with meals for those who need to follow a special diet due to a health ailment. The planning of the weekly menu and the shopping of ingredients will be done by the chef so that the burden is not on you in any manner. Plus, after the meal is prepared in your kitchen, the sink, counter top and stove will all be cleaned so that everything looks sparkling clean. This is definitely like a huge rock off your head as most often slogging in the kitchen is what people hate the most.

You can now enjoy yummy and healthy home-made meals. Plus the personal cook or chef from American Private Chef Services will be really good at preparing seafood. The ingredients needed to prepare the seafood dishes, such as the fresh catch, are sourced freshly by the chef so that you are served only with the best. If you are not a big fan of seafood, you can go in for barbeque as well which is another specialty of the chefs from this particular chef service.

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When Should you Hire a Chef?

These days certain services are quite affordable. This list definitely includes the luxury of hiring a personal chef. However, apart from the financial point of view, there are many other important reasons that will make you want to hire a chef for yourself. Find the reason below,

1) You want to reduce your burden and eat healthy food at home

You can obviously hire a chef if you are interested in home-cooked meals and are on a healthy diet plan. The personal chef will also take care of the grocery shopping and after-cooking cleanup. This way you simply have to come back home for work, reheat your meal and enjoy it. You know what is going into your food because the chef would note down all your preferences and allergy-related information before-hand. This way there will be no reason to worry.

2) You have a dinner party

It takes too much time in prepping for a dinner party or get-together at home. You need to plan the menu, go grocery shopping, slog for hours in the kitchen and after all the fun is over, you got to clean up the mess in your kitchen. You can’t enjoy with all that around, right? So, you can outsource the task by getting professional help. Hire a chef and feel relaxed. There are personal chef services that provide you with a chef just when you need one and that should not be a problem. The time saved by doing so can be spent on tidying up your home for the party.

3) You have dietary specific needs

In case your diet or that of a family member needs to be fine-tuned, you should hire a chef who has the right amount of knowledge about nutrition and foods. If it is difficult to deal with cooking for someone with diabetes or gluten sensitivity, hiring a chef would be just the right thing to do.

Hire a chef

Deciding the Type of Personal Chef you Want

Nobody knows your needs better than you and the same is applied while hiring a personal chef. If you are looking for a personal chef in and around your area, try searching for personal chef near me on Google. You will come across a lot of results one being American Private Chef Services if you are in Texas. However, before you do so, you need to make a list of what is it you actually want. Here is a list of what might help you,

  • Are you looking for a long-term association or only for certain events

If you want the personal chef on a regular basis, the candidate will be different and so will be the pricing. You have to decide if it is a one-time hire for a particular event or you want a chef for your daily needs.

  • Are there any health and nutritional requirements

If there is a medical condition you or family member is dealing with or a special diet that you wish to follow, you need to find a chef who is capable of handling it all.

  • How will the meal planning be done?

You would want your personal chef to give you recipes in advance so that you can decide what will be made on which day of the week.

  • Will grocery shopping be handled?

You can choose to delegate the task of grocery shopping to the chef or you can do it by yourself. If you don’t want the chef to handle it, you would obviously have to pay less.

Once you have thought of the above, you would know what you exactly need. It will therefore be clearer for you. You can then start searching for ‘personal chef near me on Google and find the right chef services for you.

Personal chef near me’

How Personal Chef Services Help Save Money

Everyone likes to enjoy a tasty meal everyday but sadly you either don’t have the skills or the time to prepare a full-blown meal on a daily basis. As a solution to this problem, you can always hire a personal chef if you are a food enthusiast. Does it sound like an expensive solution? Maybe not! In fact if you take your calculator out, hiring personal chef services can be cheaper that eating out!

While how much personal chef services would cost you is based on the diet you follow and food preferences, it can be estimated to be around $75 to $100 for two weeks for a couple and between $150 and $175 for a family of four. This cost may vary if you are asking the chef to prepare meals for someone with special dietary requirements.

Does this sound expensive to you? Well, it would not be more than the amount you spend while dining at a decent restaurant. Plus, when we are talking about expenses, you are also saving time here and that equals money. The number of hours you are spending in the kitchen to prepare a meal can be used for another activity that gets you a decent income. You can probably earn more than what you pay for the personal chef services. It can be a part-time job or a side hustle on which you want to focus after returning home from a day job. When you have freed yourself from your kitchen duties by hiring personal chef services, you can focus elsewhere.

If you are in Texas, you can hire personal chef services from American Private Chef Services. You will get to taste some really exceptional dishes from different cuisines made in your own kitchen. It will be a healthier and cheaper option than opting for restaurant-made meals.

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