Veteran owned American Private Chef Services is a well-known name in Texas. Chef Phillip has a great team of chefs who are dedicated in providing their services to clients all over South Texas. The Texas Chef and Food Catering Service provides personal chef service as well as catering for special occasions, weddings, anniversary parties and corporate events.

The food prepared by the chefs of American Private Chef Services, the best Texas Chef and Food Catering Service is fresh, tasty, healthy, hygienic and totally affordable. You can approach the team for bookings and then heave a sigh of relief. All the catering needs will be met by our chef and staff at American Private Chef Services. We quote the flat and all-inclusive rate so that there are no bitter surprises later on. Also, all the minute details are made note of so that nothing but the best is delivered.

It is up to you to decide how you want the whole food set up to be. It can be formal and elegant or something more casual. You can select the main course and the cuisine you would prefer to serve your guests based on what the majority of them would like to have. Vegetarian or gluten-free, you name it, we get it! This is why it is the best Texas Chef and Food Catering Service.

If it is a personal chef you are looking for, don’t look beyond as American Private Chef Services is perfect. You get to enjoy both comfort food and a full-blown fancy meal that will take your breath away. The private chefs will make even a picky eater relish the whole meal. This takes away the burden of cooking, cleaning and going grocery shopping every day. You will therefore be able to focus on work better. Plus, you won’t splurge on dining out.


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American Private Chef Services