Catering Service Companies in Texas

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Catering Service Companies like American Private Chef Services LLC, are making a difference. So many Catering Companies like to add for so many expected items. Please try us, we can do all-inclusive, and Flat Rate Pricing. Hiring a Catering company like American Private Chef Services LLC does not have to be a chore. We make it easy, especially when you talk to our Leader Veteran Chef Philip. Our Mission Is to Provide Fresh, Delicious & Affordable Food to Your Guests.

We’re ready to provide you quality Texas Catering for your alternative lifestyle event. If you’re looking for great one-stop caters in Texas, we’re competitively priced and will accommodate your event down to the smallest catering detail.

Simple and elegant or casual and relaxed, our expert planners will ensure your guests have the ultimate experience.

We’ll provide everything you need: food, servers, chefs, staff, and fun. From full menus to simpler fare, your alternative lifestyle event will be the talk of the town

Provide your family and guests with a mouth-watering sit-down dinner. We provide a distinctive menu with multiple choices for all tastes. We even offer vegetarian options to ensure everyone is included. Let our experienced chefs doing the cooking and we’ll even handle the dishes. This option makes for the perfect date night in as well.

From simple comfort foods to full-blown gourmet dishes that will make even the pickiest foodie stand up and cheer, we’ll provide the perfect dinner.

We are a Full-Service Caterer Equipped to Handle All Your Event Details. Years Of Experience. Delicious Food. The best caterer in Texas for weddings, parties, corporate event catering. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Call 936-433-0144 for a custom quote now!

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Your search for Private Chef Service in Texas Ends Here!

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We all are working hard at work so that we can put food on our table at the end of the day. However, the task of grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking can be time-consuming and strenuous especially if you are too tired after your day at work. This is why people search for a chef service where they won’t have to worry about anything. If you are residing in Texas, it is but obvious that you will search for a private chef service in Texas. American Private Chef Services is a great option for you.

The firm offers services in all of South Texas right from Brenham to Beaumont and Ennis to Galveston. In case you are based out of Texas, the chefs will travel to your location to offer their services.

This chef service in Texas will help in planning your meal while keeping the intolerances and food allergies of your family members in mind. Additionally, all the chefs are CPR & CHILD CPR Certified. Your grocery shopping will be done and the food will be prepared by the chef in your own kitchen in the most hygienic manner. Post-meal preparation, your kitchen will be cleaned and left completely mess-free.

If you want to get catering done for special occasions, this private chef service in Texas will do that as well. There are American, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Puerto Rican menus along with Vegan and Gluten-free options. Moreover, BBQ and smoked foods are specialties. You can hire American Private Chef Services for weddings, parties, corporate events, and get-togethers. In addition to that, the service caters to house parties and intimate events comprising of few people as well. This private chef service in Texas fits all budgets. It gives you the best by helping with the decorations of your event venue based on your color theme.


private chef service in Texas
This private chef service in Texas fits all budgets. It gives you the best by helping with the decorations of your event venue based on your color theme.

Private Chef for a Dinner Party in Texas

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Hiring a personal chef may seem like an easy task but there are several factors to consider before you go ahead with choosing one. It is even more important to be careful if you are going to hire the chef for the dinner parties you are going to host.

Here is what you need to keep in mind when searching for a private chef for dinner parties,

1) Lifestyle

Does your lifestyle require you to have a chef to cook meals for you every day or are you looking for a private chef for dinner parties alone? If it is so, you would want someone to work with flexibility and not a full-time chef. The number of dinner parties you host in a month will give you an idea of what kind of chef services would be ideal for you.

2) Budget

The budget plays a big role in searching for a personal chef. The ones who are highly trained will charge you way more than those who have a lesser experience. The same goes for those who are into preparing special meals for certain dietary needs. The clear fact is that the more your requirements are, the higher the salary you have to pay. Generally speaking, a  chef for dinner parties will want you to pay a flat rate for working half a day or a full day.

3) Type of cuisine

You have to choose your chef based on what kind of cuisine you want to serve your guests. Not all chefs have the knowledge of all the cuisines in this world. So, if you want to serve a specific cuisine for the party, you must search for a chef service that can provide you with a suitable chef.

Most importantly, always hire a private chef for dinner parties from a reliable chef service provider.

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How to Search for Personal Chef Services on a budget?

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Do you dine out quite often? If you are an American, the answer to that would most probably be a resounding ‘Yes’!

Eating out not only burns a hole in your pocket but also affects your health. Meals at restaurants are most often loaded with fat and sugar which will lead to diseases in the long run. So, is cooking at home the only option? Well, no! You can hire a personal chef!

Just Google – personal chef services near me and chances are high that you can get the details of a chef service provider in your area. If you are in Texas, upon searching ‘personal chef services near me’ you will probably get ‘American private chef services’ in your search result. They don’t just serve all over Texas but will also travel to your place on request. Also, they have special packages for every budget. However, here are some tips that would help you find a chef who fits your pocket:

1) Hire a less-experienced person

There is no prize for guessing that someone with less experience would charge you less. You can specify to the chef service provider that don’t need an expert chef.

2) Don’t ask for exotic cuisines

While enquiring for a chef, ask for someone who cooks the local cuisine well. It will be costly to hire someone who is well-versed in International cuisines.

3) Consider sharing

In case any of your neighbors are interested in hiring a personal chef as well, you can ask your chef to double the batch he prepares for you. You can then share the food with the other household and divide the expenses involved. This way you can easily afford a personal chef. Just make sure that the needs of both households are met.

Keep the above in mind while you go ahead and search – ‘personal chef services near me’.

Hire Personal Chef’s Near Me

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American Private Chef Services LLC, offers Personal Chef’s for hire. We may be out in the woods, but we will travel and please everyone. Price can be all inclusive or broken down. Try it! You will get spoiled, because of great people and absolutely fabulous foods. Call us now for a Free consultation, because your time is valuable. We have the solution to give you more time. Hire a Personal Chef near you, because time is what you need. We are very affordable for the busy person seeking more time and help. It is a call you need to make.